Security Policy


Security represents those activities that take place within our Aeroclub in the operational, managerial, training and collaborative forms. Safety is our first priority in all our activities.

We are constantly striving to develop, implement, maintain and improve all those processes and strategies in order to ensure that all our training activities are carried out with the use of appropriate organizational resources to achieve the highest level of safety and meet legal requirements. No decision, no project is implemented without considering security aspects.

All levels of management and all employees are responsible for providing the highest level of security, starting with the Accountable Manager.

Our commitment is to:

  • Developing and entrenching a culture of safety;
  • demand safety management as the primary responsibility of all managers, employees and club members;
  • Clearly define for all personnel their responsibilities regarding safety;
  • Minimize the risks associated with aircraft operations to our acceptable level of safety;
  • meet and, where possible, exceed legal requirements;
  • ensure that all personnel are provided with adequate and appropriate safety information and trained, are competent in safety matters, and are assigned only tasks commensurate with their skills and knowledge;
  • establish and measure our safety performance through continuous assessment of our current level against our acceptable level of safety.

Our core beliefs about security are:

  • Security is our core business and determines the value of our organization;
  • security allows us to have a competitive advantage over other organizations;
  • our business will be strengthened by making safety excellence an integral part of all our training activities.

San Marino, March 11, 2020

Massimiliano Granini
Accountable Manager
Aeroclub San Marino