Getting here by air

The airfield and helipad

ICAO IdentifierLIKD
Coordinates43° 57′ 00″ N 12° 30′ 40″ E
Elevation787 ft asl (240 m. asl)
Length/Surface650 m / Grass
Orientation/Traffic Pattern16 LH / 34 RH
Radio freq./Phone number118.075 Mhz / 0549-901210
Days of ActivityDaily SR-30min / SS+30min
Instrumental Coord. From Rimini VOR Radial 230°; DME 6 Nm

(a) Wind in the days leading up to the arrival of unstable weather from the south southwest quadrant creates turbulence; the use of runway 16 is recommended.

(b) Taking off 16 exercise caution due to uneven terrain (deep ditch) beyond threshold 34. Knowledge of this elevation difference is important for the decision to abort during takeoff for runway 16.

(c) Landing by runway 16, the sudden lowering of the ground increases the landing distance.

d) After periods of rain, the Aeroclub should be contacted to be sure that the runway is compacted and free of puddles and slush.

Preferential runway landing 34

Landing for runway 16

It isnot possible to reach the airfield directly from non-Schengen countries without having gone through customs control at an Italian airport/airfield qualifier. Direct departure from LIKD to non-Schengen countries prohibited.

Aircraft arriving from Schengen countries (except Italy) must notify our email in advance with flight details at least 2 hours before the estimated time of arrival.

Aircraft departing LIKD for Schengen countries must notify email, at least 30 minutes prior to departure, for possible screening (exempted are aircraft based in our area).

To reach our aerodrome you must contact us by phone or email at least 24 hours; as well as to refuel.

ALL aircraft landing in San Marino must fill out the appropriate logbook in the Club House.

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